On the eve of her 45th birthday, and creeping burnout, workaholic Victoria Lathrop meets the exact type of man she’s avoided her whole life, and with good reason. So, why, when her sexy new friend dares her to a game of pool for the opportunity to take her out for dinner, does she say yes?

It’s refreshing for aging rock star Aaron Price to meet a woman who has no idea who he is. But after spending the week getting to know her better, how can he tell her the truth, when she’s the first woman to like him for who he is as a man, and not because of his fame and fortune?

Does fate hold more for these lovers, or is One Week at the Faraway Inn all they’ll get?

Sage Lowery has had enough heartbreak. All she wants is some time alone in her cozy new house in the Berkshires. But fate has other plans for her - namely, grumpy single dad, Rowan, the handsome electrician who had his eye on the same house.

Rowan Kennedy doesn't need any distractions from his goal of providing a stable home for his daughter, especially not the gorgeous woman who snatched his dream house from under his nose.

It’s easy to be angry and resentful toward the new owner, until he meets her face to face.

Techie-turned-vintner, Tom Wyatt, finds himself in the company of a woman who is only in town to visit family for the holidays. Carson Everett is on a mission to help her recently divorced younger sister get her family through the holiday season, and her newest idea involves using Tom's winery to host a Christmas paint and sip event.

Reluctant to get involved, Tom eventually agrees and spends his holiday season learning what makes a woman like Carson tick. And then wondering if he can get over the hurts from his past and find a way to get her to stay.